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How to Apply our product


We recommended Hi -Tack™ glue  - this will allow time for any adjustments.

  1. Apply a liberal but even coating of glue to the wrong side of the patch. We recomend spreading with a cocktail stick to push the glue towards the edges. It is very important you cover the edges of the patch as this is an essectial step.

  2. Start by placing the patch on the tip of the Pointe shoe.

    Gently stretch the patch over the Pointe ensuring that the narrowest part of the patch is over the pleated area.

    Apply pressure to the patch whilst smoothing it from the centre in an outward direction.

    Using the recommended Hi -Tack™ glue will allow time for any adjustments. Any acess glue can be used to secure the edges of the patch and will dry clear.


  3. To assist with the application you can use the sharp end of 4-6 dressmaking pins. We recomend using the pins to hold the patch in position while the glue is drying.

  4. Leave to dry overnight before removing the pins. Care should be taken to ensure that the entire patch is secured around the edges before they are used.

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